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 NFS file permission problem.

Hello folks

We are attempting to use a linux machine as an NFS server for a
group of PCs in our organisation.  The server is a pretty
standard pentium running a 1.2.13 kernel.  The PC client software
is from Beame and Whiteside and we run a proprietory authentic-
ation server on the linux box, bwnfsd, instead of pcnfsd.

The clients run a batch file to link to the server's exported tree:

NET LINK N: \\server\/<whatever pathname> <encrypted user/password>

This should mean that all files created by the client on the
server should have permissions 770 - this is what happens on our
Sun servers.  However the linux machine gives permissions 750 so
other members of the group can't write each other's files.

Using PC clients is not covered in any documents on the NFS
server that I can find.  I'm not sure what we are missing.  If
anyone has any pointers to documents on using PC clients with
linux NFS, or any idea what we should be looking at I would be
grateful.  (Anything to avoid reading all the code :-( ).

Thanks for any ideas.

 Alan Williams
 15 Albury Walk
 +44 (0)1603 460800

 Mon, 21 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT   
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