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 translating kppp config files to ppp config files
Is there a tool to convert the kppp config files to ppp config files, so
that I can run ppp before X is up?  If not, can anyone tell me how to
setup ppp from console?

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 Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT   
 translating kppp config files to ppp config files
Use netconf -if you've got KPPP working the you know all the
information netconf needs. It will allocate names to each connection as
you add them (Usually pppo,ppp1,ppp2 etc.) and once you've configured
them just do

if-up ppp0
if-up ppp1

You can also get netconf to start a conx automatically on boot for you,
and restore it automatically on disconnect, as well as making it so any
user can activate/de-activate the conx if you want that. Don't forget
to put DNS entries in as well.

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