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 RedHat 6.0 Dual Boot 2 SCSI Disks
I have an Adaptec 2940U2 controller with a ST39173LW (LVD 9GB)
disk 0 with
NT and FBBSD 3.1 on it using bootpart to boot either NT or FBSD.
I installed
RedHat 6.0 on SCSI disk 1 (a 4.3 GB ST34XX). I installed LILO on
the /root
parttion (no boot or  MBR). I can only boot Linux using the boot
disk. I can't
boot disk 1 even when setting the controller boot ID to 1.

Are there any solutions to getting RH to boot off SCSI disk 1?
Bootpart can't
see the linux partitions, DOS fdisk doesn't either for that
matter, it seems that ony the RH 6.0
boot disk can see the partitions.

Thanks in advance.


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 Fri, 23 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT   
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