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 Help with serial line to PC emulating terminal
I am having trouble getting a terminal up on a 386DX that I have
attached to my Linux box (a PII 233).  The 386 is running MS-DOS
Version 6.00, and, as terminal emulation software, I am running
Procomm TU.2.4.2 (a version licensed to the University of Toronto).
On my Linux box, I am running Red Hat Linux 5.1 (kernel 2.0.34).

Procomm is set to emulate VT100.  I am using software flow control (I
think).  The line settings are N81, 9600.

I have linked the machines by running an _off-the-shelf null modem
cable_ between the 25-pin male port on the 386 (COM2) to the 9-pin male
port on the Linux box (ttyS0).  My cable is actually 25-pin male on
one end, so I have had to use a gender changer to attach the cable to
the 386.

I can do the following by running Procomm on the 386 and Minicom
(v. 1.81) on the Linux box:

1. I can enter chat mode on the 386 and send text back and forth
   between the two machines without any trouble except that messages I
   type on the Linux box are automatically sent to the 386 but the
   reverse is not true -- I have to type a return on the 386 before it
   will send messages to the Linux box.

2. If I am in the normal screens in both Procomm or Linux, whatever I
   type on one machine is echoed at the other.

3. I can transfer files between the two machines without trouble using
   XModem.  YModem and Kermit seem to give me problems.  My version of
   Procomm doesn't support ZModem.

I have made the following entry into /etc/inittab:

S1:456:respawn:/sbin/getty ttyS0 DT9600 vt100

The reference to DT9600 is to the following in my /etc/gettydefs file:

# 9600 baud Dumb Terminal entry
DT9600# B9600 CS8 CLOCAL # B9600 SANE -ISTRIP CLOCAL #@S login: #DT9600

When I type init q, nothing happens on my Linux box or my 386.
Running ps a shows that no getty is running.

I have consulted the relevant HOWTO (Serial, Text-Terminal, Mac-Terminal).


swayland at idirect dot com

 Tue, 14 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT   
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