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 Quick question regarding Solaris 9

I'm currently running Red Hat Linux 7.3 and Windows XP Professional on
the same machine. I use Boot Magic to select the operating system. I
just downloaded Solaris 9 from Sun's web page.

I'd like to install Solaris 9 on a separate partition or hard drive.
Will this cause any problems with Boot Magic, Red Hat Linux, or
Windows XP? I'd don't see that it would, but I'm just double checking
before I do anything.


 Wed, 28 Sep 2005 01:42:33 GMT   
 Quick question regarding Solaris 9

If you want Solaris on what Linux calls /dev/hdb then you still want a
Solaris boot partition on /dev/hda.  Use fdisk before the install and
establish a single primary partition of type 82 for your Solaris and at
the same time set your Linux swap partition as type 8.  You can change
that swap partition type back to 82 later.

Provide a small (~20MB) partition for the x86boot partition on /dev/hda.
Boot Magic will properly boot Solaris.

 Wed, 28 Sep 2005 02:08:05 GMT   
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