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 Fatal error opening RPM database (followed by sig 11's)
I have seen this error message in the newsgroups and other linux help
resources, but the responses I've seen don't quite answer my problem. I
get this error during a new install of linux when you have chosen what
packages you want and then initiate the procedure to put them in.
According to what I have been reading, the cause is sometimes due to a
mismatch in the version of the rpm installer and the package database.
The cure is to update the installer and/or database. This is fine if you
already have linux installed and are just upgrading. But I am installing
for the first time from a CD. Does this mean that the CD has the wrong
installer versus database versions? Or is something else wrong?

Now I have to reveal that this is LinuxPPC4 CD for a Mac Powerbook
3400c. Can/should I override the installer or database or whatever on
the CD by placing more recent versions somewhere? Or am I totally off
base and the problem is elsewhere?



 Sun, 16 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT   
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