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 Dosemu 0.60 and S3 card
I have a problem running dosemu 0.60.2 on a linux box with an S3 video card.
If I run dosemu with no graphic card enable in dosemu.conf, all works
without problem. If now I run dosemu with a graphic card enable, both vga
or S3, I boot dosemu, but if I start a program like edit, which uses a
VGA graphic mode, the program runs, but once I return to dos, the
keyboard doesn't work anymore except to switch the console, and I have to kill
dosemu. Without the graphic mode enable, I can run edit and return to dos
without problem. I suspect then the video driver for S3. I have try it
both on an orchid Fahrenheit S3 805 at home with a DX2486 with 1G. SCSI
and a S3 948 at work with a PCI P90 and 1G. SCSI , with the
same results
Anybody has experience with dosemu and S3 video card ???
        Thanks ?

 Mon, 15 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT   
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