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 SCSI LILO Dual Boot Question
Hi there,

I have just set up a RedHat 7.2 box running a SCSI disk system. I have
used LILO before but i am getting grief from a particular dual boot
configuration. I have two scsi disks. Redhat is installed in /sda1 with
LILO in the MBR of /sda. Win2k was installed in /sdb1 with its own loader
in the /sdb MBR.

The following lilo.conf can boot Redhat fine, but when i select the win2k
option, i get a message saying "Cannot find NTLDR" press any key to
restart. If i disable the /sda disk, so the BIOS loads off the /sdb  
only, win2k boots perfectly! Any suggestions would be more than welcome!






 Wed, 09 Jun 2004 08:10:43 GMT   
 SCSI LILO Dual Boot Question
In article <Xns917F212EE452tariqkanother...@>,

Gust guessing try adding table=

         table=/dev/sdb   <=========  

and do a
lilo        to install change

 Wed, 09 Jun 2004 08:38:43 GMT   
 SCSI LILO Dual Boot Question

How did you install NT? Did you install it onto the first disk then
later moved that disk to be the second one?

Once I did this (with ide disks, NT4 a couple of years ago)
and I had to binary edit a file and change some strings which
referred to the disk. Then NT4 came up on the second IDE disk.
Sorry, I don't remember which file I had to edit, but I do know
it was in the root dir and had the string "disk" in it.


 Wed, 09 Jun 2004 11:23:40 GMT   
 SCSI LILO Dual Boot Question
Vilmos Soti <> wrote in

Hi there

Thanks for the advice. I ended up sorting it out by mapping the second SCSI
hard disk with Win2k to the first SCSI hard disk's address and vice versa.
The NT loader can only boot from the first hard drive on your system
apparantly so that was the cure :). Thanks again for the help


 Thu, 10 Jun 2004 03:15:14 GMT   
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