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 lpr did not convert LF->CR/LF

When I use lpr to print a file to a Windows Printer, it could not print the
file line by line.

The printer output seems to print a file into one line.
How to set it as well? How to print a file to printer using lpr command
correctly ?

I just type "lpr myfile.txt".
But the ouput in paper is one line.

Best regards,

 Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:13:07 GMT   
 lpr did not convert LF->CR/LF

Last time I tried to answer this for you, my power went out on the system.  
SGI's XFS on RH-7.1 got its smoke test and passed.


# unix2dos myfile.txt
# lpr myfile.txt

 Wed, 12 Nov 2003 08:44:32 GMT   
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