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 Backup concept suggestion : secure against hardware failure and rm -rf
Sounds familiar. We do the 'dd' at first to get the drives synced up and
copy over the boot blocks and all the lilo data. Then we unmount the
drive until it's time for another backup. Then why backup everything
again. Just mount the drive and use something like rsync to resyncronize
the drives. Then unmount them and fsck the unmounted drive. All this
runs nicely out of cron and rsync is the key to a much quicker backup.
 The only problem with all this is IF you have a problem.. and you don't
know before the back starts, then you have now duplicated the problem on
the backup drive. But I guess that's what tape backups are for.
 There are also a few hardware solutions with raid 1. But as you said, a
stupid rm and the raid did it's job and ALL copies are gone.

I hope this helps,


 Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT   
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