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 Dual boot W2K and RH72 on 2 separate SCSI disks
I first installed W2K on SCSI ID 0. It was up and running with no
Then I installed RH72 on SCSI ID 2 using GRUB. During the
I configured grub to use MBR. At reboot, GRUB screen did not give me
option to boot W2K, only RH. Reading RH documentation:


it says:

On First Two SCSI Drives
    If you have only SCSI hard drives, /boot must be located on a
drive at ID 0 or ID 1. No other SCSI IDs will work.

My boot partition is now at /sdb1

I hope the problem was becasue I configured my second SCSI drive to be
at ID 2
instead of ID 1. If that is the case, is it just a matter of
the drive at ID 1 then reboot or I have to end up re-install RH72 as
well (pain) ?


 Sun, 20 Jun 2004 06:49:56 GMT   
 Dual boot W2K and RH72 on 2 separate SCSI disks
hello Thanh,

the scsi ID's only gives the order for booting and naming in Linux,
sdb is the 2nd-SCSI-disk (that one with the higher ID), sda the first
one, no matter which ID

On some scsi-hostadapters you can select (by changing the adapters bios)
  from which ID to boot.

No, your problem is another one.
The boot-sector of grub is installed on the first disk.
And in grub, the WIN2K-partition is not configured.
you have to configure it (but I dont know grub).
Read grub-documentation for configuring WIN2K-startup from /dev/sda1



 Thu, 24 Jun 2004 06:35:01 GMT   
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