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 cdrom-scsi/XP-woody on hdb dual boot/lilo conundrum
Not sure what to do for this case.   Would like some reccomendations.

I've got WindowsXP/Debian Woody on my computer and would like to run
lilo off hard disk.

Here's the rub: the woody partition is on my second hard drive.  And
there's no unformatted space on hda.

I have read horror storiess of having xp is on first portion on 1st
hard drive
(hda) and linux on a second hard drive, then running lilo - and poof -
box is turned to {*filter*}(or at least win partition).

Is this baseless?  Is it trivial to resize the hda partitions?  Is
this necessary for my situation? What software to use for debian dist?

What does this have to do with cdrom-scsi?  well... I've got a tdk
burner that works well when I pass "hdc=ide-scsi" to kernel at boot
but only works well for burning disks.  When I want to mount cd for
reading - I get error messages like "bad filesystem" or "invalid
device".  So - after some googling - I read that I need to compile in
scsi cdrom support into kernel.I couldn't locate any modules which are
by default from precompiled modules package I have from installing
netinst 2.4 disk.

Soo.... I'm thinking I need to recompile my kernel.  (Maybe I can just
run make modules?)   Anyway - I recompiled kernel with ide-scsi and
cdrom-scsi and all other required modules, I end up getting a kernel
too big to fit
onto boot floppy.  As I stated earlier - with linux on hdb (2nd hd) -
I can't use lilo.

Can someone dispell this myth and assure me I won't hose my winxp
when I configure lilo to use new bigger kernel and then issue the
potentially irrevocable "lilo" command?

Or - can someone send me a kernelconfig file with ide-scsi/scsi-cdrom
support that results kernal (that works and) is small enough to fit on
boot floopy?


 Tue, 26 Apr 2005 15:38:33 GMT   
 cdrom-scsi/XP-woody on hdb dual boot/lilo conundrum

would like to re-emphasize that winxp takes up all space on hda and a
good part of hdb. my linux partitions are on the latter end of hdb.

 Tue, 26 Apr 2005 23:41:19 GMT   
 cdrom-scsi/XP-woody on hdb dual boot/lilo conundrum
On 8 Nov 2002 07:41:19 -0800, (Frank Fowler) wrote:

As long as both hard disks (hda & hdb) have BIOS device codes, you should be
able to dual boot WinXP & Linux using LILO; viz.,

# assuming lilo 22.3.4 -- current release level



1.  Have a boot floppy so you can re-boot Linux, guaranteed.
2.  Back up your MBR before you run /sbin/lilo using the above config file.
LILO will do this for you if /boot/boot.0300 does not exist.

Above assumes that hda1 is the active partition that contains XP, and that the
Linux root is on /dev/hdb5.


 Wed, 27 Apr 2005 02:28:56 GMT   
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