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 cannot unlink file or create files


I am running RH6.1 on a stand alone computer at home.  The system
froze while I was downloading a file (using dialup) - Now - I can't
delete for create files.

I changed to superuser - and , as root - I am able to make changes to
that user directory - but not as the user.

I get an error saying:  "Cannot unlink file" or "Cannot  open file for

Any suggestions?
- David

 Wed, 02 Jun 2004 13:43:49 GMT   
 cannot unlink file or create files
On 14 Dec 2001, David Punsalan <> wrote:

Do a 'df' and see if any partitions are more than 95% full or 'df -i' to
see if all inodes are used up.  A certain percentage of a partition is
reserved for root (5% I think) so that a user cannot totally fill up the
filesystem.  But that should not affect 'rm' unless something got
corrupted.  Also see 'man lsattr' and 'man chattr'.

Note: If you have never left your box on overnight, you may have a buildup
of log files.  There is a logrotate cron that typically runs about 4 AM on
RH systems to compress and remove old logs.

David Efflandt - All spam is ignored -

 Thu, 03 Jun 2004 05:18:16 GMT   
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