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 Dual Booting Linux w/o LILO (Boot Disk)
So here's my situation:

I recently installed Red Hat 7.2 in a dual boot scenario with Win2K.
When given the "boot loading option", I chose not to install a boot
loader and instead created a boot disk...  This allows me to simply
insert the floppy when I need/want to boot into linux, without messing
around with LILO or GRUB.

So here's my problem:

I brought my extremely portable computer to work with me, but I forgot
the boot disk.  If I'm not mistaken, the red hat installation program
uses SYSLINUX to boot the installation.  I went to SYSLINUX's site,
but in order to create a SYSLINUX boot disk, I need access to a kernel
image, or even more simply, an accessible linux installation...

So here's my question:

How can I boot this linux installation?  The /boot partition is hda2,
The / partition is hda6...  I would like to avoid installing LILO if
at all possible.


 Sun, 19 Sep 2004 01:07:04 GMT   
 Dual Booting Linux w/o LILO (Boot Disk)

A consideration is dependent on your w2k boot filesystem; if it is fat or
fat32, you can use bootpart at easy.
If you w2k boot fs is ntfs, then the question is whether the fs was a
"converted" fat, i.e. "converted" from fat to ntfs when either using
nt4 or w2k.  If the w2k boot fs is ntfs as formated, then I think you
are "out of luck" as even lilo won't work as lilo must be able to read
the boot os fs and the ntfs module isn't loaded at the lilo os selection.

I now feel that I was able to use w2k boot loader mainly my ntfs was
a converted fat fs when I installed nt4; nt4 will not allow installation
onto an ntfs partition as even a msg required "that the 'dos' part of the
install must be completed first".  The microsoft bug is finally fixed
with w2k and one can install onto an "unconverted" ntfs (native) which
stopped bootpart working as a setup to the ntloader boot.ini.  The
"conversion" process doesn't really convert everything and the conversion
can cause problems of "all of a sudden" on rebooting the logical drive
designations are scrambled.  Confirmed by Executive Software before their
name change from Diskkeeper (or something like that); microsoft finally
"acknowledged" it in 1999 in their Q223188 but blame the user.

I finally "bit the bullet" yestarday and re-reinstalled w2k onto my 5 gig
boot partition formatted as fat32; at this point I decided to use bootmagic
that came with my partition magic a couple of years ago.  I had decided to
"start fresh" on my new 60 gig harddrive replacing the 9 gig drive; linux
is on a separate drive.  At least now I "know" what can or cannot be done
for dual boot and the "gotchas".  I had searched the ms site and there is
a reference on "howto" on multi-booting in an ntfs boot partition say
the method is on the w2k resource toolkit and it is not one of the

RH might have a method to "boot from an installed" system like SuSE using
the install diskettes; but the SuSE 7.1 ver still required the presense
of the 1st CD......wish all distr can have this method but without the
requirement of the prescense of a CD...and not hidden away deep like
SuSE...since one can always download the install diskette images and
create the diskettes...

Not much help but just some info on why some can do dual boot easily and
others cannot with the supposedly same type filesystem.

 Sun, 19 Sep 2004 05:20:32 GMT   
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