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 LILO hangs at LI and L 04 04 ...
LILO hangs with "LI" or "L 04 04 04 ..." when attempting
to use the bootdisk on other PCs.  When successful, it loads
the rootdisk from floppy into /dev/ram0 mounted as root,
but only on the development system on which the bootdisk
was created.  When attempting to use the bootdisk on other
PCs, LILO hangs.  All PCs have at least 32M of RAM and
some have 256M of RAM.

I am trying to create a portable Linux Bootdisk that
loads a secondary rootdisk into a ramdisk mounted as root.

Contents of Bootdisk
  /boot/boot.b -> boot-text.b   - boot loader pointer
  /boot/boot-text.b             - from current LILO dist.
  /etc/lilo.conf      - this configuration file
  /vmlinux            - bzImage for Kernel 2.4.17
          with parameters set for
          root device = /dev/ram0
          root read-only flag (0)
          root ramdisk = use ramdisk, prompt rootdisk, offset 0 (49152)
          root video = VGA normal (-1)

The bootdisk is created with the minix file system
and mounted as "mount -t minix /dev/fd0 /mnt" and
using LILO Version 22.x. (I believe it is 22.0.2).

The diskette is made bootable by using any of the
following commands.

      lilo -C /mnt/etc/lilo.conf
      lilo -L -C /mnt/etc/lilo.conf
      lilo -g -C /mnt/etc/lilo.conf

The "lilo" program and the "boot-text.b" are created
from the same source distribution.  I've seen other
problems when "boot-text.b" is from a version 21
distribution and "lilo" program is from a version 22

The /dev/... files on the Linux development machine contain
the same major/minor numbers for the devices as contained
on the bootdisk.

ISSUE:  The bootdisk appears to work with the development
system, and completes LILO diagnostic and prompts for
and loads a compressed rootdisk into memory and has it
mounted as / root.

But the LILO bootdisk fails when attempting to boot other
PCs, giving the infamous "LI" or "L 04 04 04 ..." faults.
It matters not whether lbr32 or geometric addressing
is used.  I have not had this problem with earlier versions
of LILO.

Text of /mnt/etc/lilo.conf is not configured to access
the hard drives, but to populate a ramdisk with a
compressed root image to be used with the bootdisk kernel.

boot = /dev/fd0
image = /mnt/vmlinuz
        label = fd0
        ramdisk = 49152
        root = /dev/fd0u1440
        vga = normal
image = /mnt/vmlinuz
        label = fd1
        ramdisk = 49152
        root = /dev/fd1u1440
        vga = normal
image = /mnt/vmlinuz
        label = mount
        ramdisk = 0
        root = /dev/fd0u1440
        vga = normal

Guidance and assistance would be appreciated,
Steven J. Hathaway

 Sun, 19 Sep 2004 05:51:55 GMT   
 LILO hangs at LI and L 04 04 ...
The problem with LILO{*filter*} with LI or L xx xx xx may be a
version mismatch between the "boot.b" you expect and what
is actually installed in the boot record.  You may need to
add an "install = " entry in your lilo.conf file before
running the "lilo" program.

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 Sun, 19 Sep 2004 14:11:04 GMT   
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