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 SuSe 6,4 DUAL PCMCIA network configuration problem
I am running SuSe 6.4 (kernel 2.2.14).

I it acting as a gateway for my home network attached to a wireless
modem. The modem has a fixed IP address as does the eth0 PCMCIA card
which connects to it. I also have a PCMCIA card acting as eth1 which is
set up to have an IP of During boot both cards are set to the
IP of eth0. After boot, I use "ifconfig eth1" to change the IP
of eth1 to the corect value.

I have dug around and am hesitant to edit the PCMCIA or network scripts
in /etc/rc.d without a bit of feedback from someone more knowledgeable
than myself in this stuff.

I need to know where to make sure that the eth1 card gets set up
properly. Anyone got some suggestions?


Mike Lockhart

 Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT   
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