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 Auto run login script
Here is an easy question . . . I hope it isn't too easy that it angers
people, but I cant find the answer in my Linux5.1 book.

When a user logs in what it the name of the file in their user
directory that automatically runs?

For example, let's say I wanted to launch the PINE mail program each
time I logged in.



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 Auto run login script

~/.profile and/or ~/.bashrc

I think, this depends on the distribution. ~/.profile is the file
which gets called by the login shell and ~/.bashrc gets called by
bash. In SuSE-Linux, if you want a command to be executed on every new
shell, put it in ~/.bashrc because this will also get called by
~/.profile (or something like that...). I'm not shure about that, but
have a look at these two files.

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 Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT   
 Auto run login script
The default logon script for Red Hat is /etc/profile which sets the login
options for all users.  You can over-ride it with ~/.bash_profile or
~/.bashrc for each user (if you specify it in ~/.bashrc and it doesn't
work, type "source ~/.bashrc" in ~/.bash_profile).
You can also specify PINE as your login shell.  Enter the path to PINE
in /etc/shells and change your login shell to it in /etc/passwd (although,
this is all you can use during your session).  Have fun.  Penguin power!!

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 Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT   
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