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 A pointer to Bourne shell scripts at Garbo
The following Bourne shell files are available from
/unix/ts directory.  They could be of some interest to the
comp.unix.questions readers.

0news-u         News and advice about the files in /unix directories
0news93.u       News and advice prior 1994 about /unix directories
asc2ibm         Filter 7-bit Scandinavian characters to 8-bit characters
combine         A script to combine binary postings and email
combine.txt     How to combine and uudecode CBIP binary postings
dele            Recoverable delete of Unix files, Bourne shell
filesin         Annotate /pc/ upload list with file names
gar2ftp         Filter Garbo announcements to batchftp format
gfind           A convenient Unix script for Garbo index searches
headerq         Cover a message's header produced by tofile
ibm2asc         Filter 8-bit Scandinavian characters to 7-bit characters
mcopy           Matching filenames copy for Unix
namedown        A script to convert file names to lower case and ; to .
nameup          A script to convert file names to upper case and ; to .
pc2unix         Filter PC end of lines to Unix end of lines
quote           Quote textfiles and email, a filter
sim2bat         Filter SimTel announcements to OAK.Oakland.Edu format
tofile          Pipe an elm mail or news message to a file, reduced headers
tolpr           Pipe an elm mail message to a printer, reduced headers
unix2pc         Filter Unix end of lines to PC end of lines
unzipper        A script to use unzip as an uncompress replacement
white           Filter white spaces from a text file
zipper          A script to use zip as a compress replacement

"If you do not know how to go about getting this material, users are
welcome to email me for the prerecorded instructions
(long, circa 29Kb).  The overseas users are referred to the various
Garbo mirrors at their convenience.  For the mirrors please get the
file /pc/pd2/ in due time.  The mirrors may lag or might
*NOT* have all the Garbo files.  If you do not receive my reply within
five days, please ask your own site's system manager to construct a
returnable mail path for you".

   All the best, Timo

Prof. Timo Salmi      Co-moderator of comp.archives.msdos.announce
Moderating at anonymous FTP  archives
Faculty of Accounting & Industrial Management; University of Vaasa
Internet:   BBS +(358)-61-3170972; FIN-65101,  Finland

 Thu, 21 Nov 1996 12:25:21 GMT   
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