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 File size wrong, can't copy large file
I tar'ed a 70MB file from a tape.  The file's size is reported as 70MB,
but a 'wc -c' command reports the file as 47MB (exactly 93428 512-byte
blocks).  If I do a 'cat bad_file > new_file', the new file is 47MB.

If I try to copy the file to another name, the copy fails with the
error, "Bad copy".  When I backup the system, I get many errors saying
"Unable to read file".  I can append data to the 47MB copy of the file
and the size adjusts upward accordingly.

My ulimit is 2097152.  The kernel's ulimit is the same.

The system is SCO Unix SVr3.2.2 running on a 386, and the tar was done
as root.  

Any ideas what is going on here?
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 Wed, 09 Aug 1995 12:04:09 GMT   
 File size wrong, can't copy large file

I'm running the same configuration and had a similar problem yesterday.
I was not able to copy the file within the same directory although there
was enough space and inodes left on the device.

I managed it finally by copying the file to /tmp and back to the original
location (Different filesystem).


Maybe for the people at SCO:
%fpu      -             15      -       type=80387
%serial   0x03F8-0x03FF 04      -       unit=0 type=Standard nports=1
%serial   0x02F8-0x02FF 03      -       unit=1 type=Standard nports=1
%floppy   0x03F2-0x03F7 06      2       unit=0 type=96ds15
%floppy   -             -       -       unit=1 type=135ds18
%console  -             -       -       unit=vga type=0 12 screens=68k
%parallel 0x0378-0x037A 07      -       unit=0
%adapter  0x0330-0x0332 13      5       type=ad ha=0 id=7
%tape     -             -       -       type=S ha=0 id=2 lun=0
%disk     0x01F0-0x01F7 16      -       type=W0 unit=0 cyls=683 hds=16 secs=38
%disk     -             -       -       type=W0 unit=1 cyls=683 hds=16 secs=38
%disk     -             -       -       type=S ha=0 id=0 lun=0
%Sdsk     -             -       -       cyls=406 hds=64 secs=32
+ Wyse 99x 8-port serial driver

        AT-BUS HD-contoller           SCSI-controller
           |0        |1                |2        |0
           |     210 MB disk          Tape       500 MB SCSI Disk
           |     swap/DOS/...                    4 SCO-UNIX partitions
      210 MB disk                                (File size error/bad copy
      DOS / SCO UNIX root                        on the first 150 MB part.)
      /                                          /u1 /u2 /u3 /usr/spool

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 Thu, 17 Aug 1995 22:18:17 GMT   
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