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 shql version 1.1 finally released
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From: r...@candle.uucp (Bruce Momjian)
Subject: shql version 1.1 finally released
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Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1993 18:36:55 GMT
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I have finally released shql, version 1.1, and it appeared in
comp.sources.misc on Thursday, Jan 7, 1993.

Those of you migrating from version 1.0, please read the CHANGES file
for changes.

If your news software has already expired shql, it is Volume 34, Issue
91.  Check the archives.  If you need to know how to get
comp.sources.misc archives, see the FAQ of comp.sources.wanted.  Sending
e-mail with subject, 'help', to netlib@uunet is also possible.

The source is 34k shar'ed.  I would say, "I will mail you a copy," but I
start to feel like a mail-server.  Please only ask me to mail you a copy
if you are stuck.

Attached is the description of what shql does.

Here is shql, version 1.1.  It has two added features, the ability to do
SELECT's with multiple tables, and support for aggregates like AVG(),
and SUM().

SHQL is an interactive SQL database engine.  Written as a Unix shell
script, SHQL interprets SQL commands and manipulates flat files based on
those commands.  SHQL is limited in its understanding of SQL constructs.
All this is outlined in the README file contained in the distribution.
A demo file is also included to show some examples.

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