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 awk and sh variables in a shell script

I have a shell script with the following 2 lines in it (among others):

t=`echo $j | awk -F/ '{print $6}'`;
cat $j | awk '{print "rect ("$2","$3") ("$2+$4","$3+$5") "$name"/ICONTACT
/"$1}' name=$t  >> $;

For some reason when I run this, $name defaults to $0, which gives some
really undesirable output for me.  What I want is to use $t within the awk
script, because those two lines are inside of a "for j...; do...done" loop
which is always changing the value of $j and thus $t.  Please e-mail me, as
I rarely ever get to read news these days.

In case you are wondering, $j above is the name of an imagemap file made by the
aub and icontact program.
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