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 Unix Cd batch question

I am running tcsh 6.0? and noticed something interesting when trying to
get unix to cd into a directory. Ie. if i want it to cd /home/me/junk
and run this as a one line program it does not work. Why is that and how
do i fix it?

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 Mon, 06 Nov 1995 21:37:47 GMT   
 Unix Cd batch question
In <1993May20.133747.15...@Lehigh.EDU> (Grumpy) writes:

It sounds like you wrote a script and had it cd into a directory, then
you were surprised that when it exited the script, it returned to your
home directory.  Each shell keeps its own working directory, so the
subshell that runs the script exits and forgets about the cd that you

You need to use 'source' to read the script in the parent shell, or use
an alias to do the cd for you.

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 Tue, 07 Nov 1995 07:04:16 GMT   
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