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 Comments on debugger command languages

We are designing a new de{*filter*} user interface and are interested in peoples
comments on existing de{*filter*}s.  Specifically, what are your opinions about
the following:

1) What do you like and dis-like about the dbx command language.
   The verbose commands?  The choice of command names?
2) What do you like and dis-like about the sdb, cdb, & adb command languages.
   The concise nature of the commands?  The variety of commands?
3) Given a window and menu based interface, would you still like a command
4) What commands would you add to these popular de{*filter*}s.
5) Of those of you that have used both dbx and sdb or cdb, which do you prefer
   and why.
6) Any comments about other de{*filter*}s.

Thank you for your comments.  I will post the responses.

Rudy Bazelmans -- Wang Labs, 1 Industrial Ave, M/S 019-890, Lowell MA  01851
decvax!wang!rudy    (617) 967-2609  (800) 225-0654 x72609

 Mon, 17 Aug 1992 10:59:00 GMT   
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