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 I need help in programmieng lvm_queryvg.

I have a problem in programming the lvm_queryvg. I am using the IBM
C-Compiler and AIX (ML10). The problem is I do not
know how to define the unique_id Structure that this function needs to
work. I can get the VG_ID with the command lsvg <VGNAME>, but I don't
know if it is the right number.

Which VG_ID does IBM mean?

Best regards


 Fri, 25 Feb 2005 21:12:02 GMT   
 I need help in programmieng lvm_queryvg.
I've done this before - but there may be an easier way.  For my
application, I needed to first get a list of all volume groups, so first
I call lvm_queryvgs.  This returns a queryvgs struct, which has a
'num_vgs' field, and an array of queryvg structs pointed to by 'vgs'.
 From the queryvg struct, you can get the 'vg_id' field. This does map
to the ID returned in the output for 'lsvg <vgname>'.

Here is an example of what I have, but like I said, there may be an
easier way.  You should note that the unique_id struct is broken into 4
word fields, each an unsigned long(word1, word2, word3, word4):

struct queryvgs qvgs;
struct queryvg qvg;

int queryrc = lvm_queryvgs(&qvgs, NULL);
for (i=0; i<qvgs->num_vgs; i++){
    queryrc = lvm_queryvg(&qvgs->vgs[i].vg_id, &qvg, NULL);
    // Do what you want with the qvg struct that is returned
    // for this volume group


 Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:33:05 GMT   
 I need help in programmieng lvm_queryvg.


many thanks to you Janel. I wrote this code:

void main(void)
        int i;
        struct queryvgs qvgs;
        struct queryvgs *pqvgs=&qvgs;
        struct queryvg qvg;
        struct queryvg *pqvg=&qvg;


                printf("maxlvs: %d\n",pqvg->maxlvs);

and now it works fine.

Best regards.


 Sat, 26 Feb 2005 16:39:55 GMT   
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