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 URGENT - Cannot mount filesystem AIX 4.2.1

I've got the following problem:

I copied a LV to another VG... then unmounted the filesystem in the old
LV (lv01) removed the old LV, renamed the new LV back to lv01,
did "fsck" to fix the masterblock on the filesystem and then tried to
mount it again..

Unfortunately this didn't work (I've tried it before and it did work)
so now I'm left with a logical volume that is in a closed state, and a
filesystem I cannot mount, it give the error
message: /dev/lv01 /userdata No such file or device.
When I do a getlvcb I get the following output:
getlvcb -AT lv01
      AIX LVCB
      intrapolicy = m
      copies = 1
      interpolicy = m
      lvid = 00181583bcb8fbd7.1
      lvname = lv01
      label = None
      machine id = 81583C000
      number lps = 191
      relocatable = y
      strict = y
      stripe width = 0
      stripe size in exponent = 0
      type = jfs
      upperbound = 32
      fs =
      time created  = Thu Sep 21 12:48:49 2000
      time modified = Thu Sep 21 12:49:52 2000

As you can see, the info on the fs is empty. Can anyone please help me
correct the mess I got myself in??


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 Mon, 10 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
 URGENT - Cannot mount filesystem AIX 4.2.1
If I'm reading this right it sounds like you copied the LV while the
filesystem on that LV was open. It may have change while you were
copying it. To copy an LV to another VG it should be closed.
Recreate the LV and use your backups.

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 Mon, 10 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
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