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 FIle name expansion problems
This is a second post.  I got no responses on the first.

Under csh (3.1.5 system), the form ~username does not seem to work,
either under aixterm or the ascii mode.  If I type

cd ~username

The mahine hangs on the next line(s) until I type a ^C and get back the
csh prompt.  No problems under ksh.  Also, just a tilde give my my home
directory just fine.  Am I alone on this one?

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 Fri, 08 Jul 1994 11:41:37 GMT   
 FIle name expansion problems

This used to happen to me, but I just tried it on my 320 and it now works.
I think we're at 3.1.6 or thereabouts.  I was logged on through a vt100, so
I can't verify that it works correctly under aixterm or ascii.

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 Sat, 09 Jul 1994 16:32:59 GMT   
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