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 Wierd AIX/NFS client, Sun/NFS server problem

AIX 3.1.6 and 3.1.5 on 320s, SunOS 4.1.1 on SS2s, thinnet on the IBMs,
both on the suns.

Suddenly (why do things always happen suddenly?), NFS client speed
from IBM -> Sun is *amazingly* slow.   As in 8 minutes to copy a
400K file from the remote filesystem to /tmp.  AIX<->AIX speed
is per usual, and Sun<->Sun speed is usual.

The only thing I've changed recently is to move the gateway for our
subnet to a new IP address.  I changed my rc files to reflect the change.
I don't remember the AIX machines slowing down then, either, as I was
using them to build software on the remote file systems immediately after the

I've applied nfsextfix, and that didn't help.  etherfind(1) on the sun
shows that the 320s are asking and getting nfs requests w/ no exraneous
packets inbetween requests.  It's just that there's a 5-10 second lag
between each nfs request (which are 8K in size, like they've always been.)

There are no routers or bridges between the clients and the server.  The
arp table information on the AIX clients is correct.  The routing tables
as reported by netstat -rn seem to be just fine.  The percentage of bad
packets reported by nfsstat, etc, are all well below tolerances (and
are below the rates for the sun clients!).

Any clues/hints?

J. Eric Townsend - - Systems Wrangler, UH Dept of Mathematics
vox: (713) 749-2126  '91 CB750, DoD# 0378

 Sun, 03 Jul 1994 13:42:27 GMT   
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