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 Free LVM notes

Every so often, I go and lecture at the SHARE conference, which
is a conference of all IBM customers/vendors.  This year, it
will be in San Francisco on the week of Feb 21.  And when I go
to lecture, I make my notes available to all AIX users.  So, here
is the announcement that they exist and how to get them.  Three of
the sets of notes are those that have been presented previously and
some of you have already downloaded.  Of the three, two have had
minor additions/deletions to them.  The remaining one, LVM Limits,
has had no changes done to it.  So save a tree, if you already have
LVM Limits, don't download it again.  There is a new one, which covers
changes to LVM between AIX 4.2.1 and 4.3.2.  At the end, there is a
warning, legaleese, blah-blah-blah.

How to get the notes automatically mailed to you:

mail -s "" < /dev/null    (some new pictures)
mail -s "" < /dev/null    (no changes at all)
mail -s "" < /dev/null (minor changes)
mail -s "" < /dev/null     NEW

That said, here are the warnings:

a) there is no guarantee as to how long these free notes will be available

b) These notes can be freely distributed, but cannot be sold or packaged
        to be sold.  These notes are the property of both SHARE and IBM.

c) Do not mail a request from a user named "root"

d) Do not mail your request from behind a firewall if your email is
        not correctly set up with the correct "reply to" config.  In
        other words, do not send a request that forces my automatic
        email handler to try to reply to:


        Where the machine "top_secret" cannot be reached behind your company's

There is some guy in Germany who has been trying to reach me and his reply to
address is:

Well, gee he's not getting the notes, but there is no way to actually reach
him to tell him to STOP.  

e) These notes are worth what you paid for them.

Good hunting!
The views expressed are my own.  They do not represent IBM.
NFS mole         Johnny Shieh e-mail:    

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