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 Help with SDR
Sorry if my terminology is not correct.
I'm in the process of restoring my SP2 control workstation from backups.

We are swapping our FDDI interface cards on two SP2 nodes with 100baseT
interface cards.  I removed the FDDI (fi0) interfaces from the database
using smitty and entered the new cards as en1.  They added and removed okay,
but "splstdata -a" showed that two other nodes now had unknown IP addresses
for their css0 interfaces.

I tried to remove and add the css0 interfaces, but they were only created
with "unknown IP address" again.

I had also applied the latest 4.2.1(.6) updates (For February) and Security
updates for March 31.  Upon reboot, my control workstation no longer knew
its hostname, had no idea how to configure its en0 interface, saying that
/usr/lib/drivers/netinet was an invalid file format.

  152 -r-xr-xr-x   1 bin      bin       155388 Mar 09 01:16 netinet

  netinet:        executable (RISC System/6000) or object module

and a million other things were wrong, including not being able to start
up the SDR.

I'm still restoring from tape.  Any ideas what happened and how to get the
SDR fixed?


 Wed, 18 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT   
 Help with SDR
In article <8c6l7a$>,

  More info.  I was able to reproduce the error I saw with netinet, when
  I copied over that file to a test machine:

    /usr/sbin/mktcpip -h'' -a'' -m''
    -i'en0' -n'' -d'' -g'' -t'N/A'

    inet0 changed
    Method error (/usr/lib/methods/chgif):
    0514-068 Cause not known
    ifconfig: error loading /usr/lib/drivers/netinet: Exec format error
    0821-103 The command /usr/sbin/ifconfig en0 inet arp
             netmask mtu 1500 up failed.
    0821-229 chgif: ifconfig command failed.
    The status of"en0" Interface in the current running system is uncertain.

  I put back the original netinet and still get the same error.  I've tried
  remaking en0, but still get the same error.  Any ideas?  I'm still going
  through the patches and error codes to see if I find anything.

  Thanks, Mark

  PS: The control workstation's SDR shows the changes I made, plus the
      missing IP addresses are seen now after I reloaded the system from tape.
      Should I have been able to reload manually?  (Still checking the man

 Thu, 19 Sep 2002 04:00:00 GMT   
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