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 NIM Installation LED 608

I've problems with NIM installation (upgrading a running system to
AIX4.3.2) of a 7043-140 and get the LED code 608.

We have a A class IP address and using subneting. When we perform a NIM
installation with the push method (performed on the NIM server), the
subnet mask will not be written in the nvram of the NIM client.
The IP-address of the NIM server will be written into the nvram of the
but not the netmask. Client and server are in the same subnet
with the mask
If there is already an entry in the nvram of the client with an other
netmask (for example, the client cannot connect to the
an brings up the error code 608. If I change the netmask in the SMS Menu
the client to, it works.

The problem is, we cannot go to all clients to change the netmask.

Have anyone a idea to solve this problem?
Is there a way to read out the nvram also is there a way to write the
correct netmaks into the nvram on a running system?

Thanks for any help.


 Sat, 07 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT   
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