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 TCB Trusted Computing Base install (good or bad)?
Anyone using the "Trusted" install. ?   You were given the choice when
you first installed AIX 4.3.3  to do a trusted or regular
installation.    Basically it sets up a baseline file of all the files
installed against which you can later run a comparison check; to see if
anything has changed.  I don't know how effective it is.  I'd like to
hear from anyone who uses it, or anyone who knows if its a good tool or

 Sun, 21 Sep 2003 10:16:54 GMT   
 TCB Trusted Computing Base install (good or bad)?

You  shuld allways install TCB, due to You have to reinstall OS if You
want it later.
You do not have to enable it, and it only steal few megs of your system.

If you need it or not, is dependent to Your security, and speed.
It does not take a lot of  the speed, but some as all of security.

If You go for TCB You may allso have som other security items too, ie FW.
And it is, in general a good tool to use, allso look at dual passwd as

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 Sun, 21 Sep 2003 18:47:19 GMT   
 TCB Trusted Computing Base install (good or bad)?

I've heard people argue both sides of this issue.  One of the best
endorcements of installing TCB came from someone who saved himself a
lot of work by having TCB enabled.  A vendor/consultant managed to
change ownership and permissions on key system files while installing
and configuring additional software.  The SA was able to run the TCB
commands to fix the files that were part of the Trusted Computing
Base.  Saved a lot of time and a potential re-install.  It can be
a cheap insurance policy.


 Mon, 22 Sep 2003 02:02:34 GMT   
 TCB Trusted Computing Base install (good or bad)?
Hi Connie,

That was me. I had TCB installed on a SAP R/3 database server. Actually, the
I was the AIX consultant and a high priced SAP consultant came in to do the
SAP install. From the root directory, he ran chown -R sappr1:oracle . and
then AIX became really unhappy when it couldn't get permissions to run
commands in /bin /sbin and security related information under /etc.

The machine wouldn't boot either, except from CD, where I accessed the
maintenance shell and ran a tcb repair command where it restored the proper
permissions on all system files. Saved me from a lengthy restore and was
very clean.

I recommend TCB for anyone running a system that has the potential for hack
either intentionally or unintentionally. You can audit your system after a
suspected compromise and verify via permissions and checksums that no one
has modified any of your system files.

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