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 tcsh: Useful key bindings
Hi, here are some nice bindkey commands you could add in
your .tcshrc file.  The escape sequences below are working
on sun sparcs, I don't know if they work on other platforms
and/or/xor keyboards.
If you want to add other special key codes (function keys ...),
press <Ctrl>+V followed by the special key.

# Use Delete key to delete current char,
# BackSpace for the previous char (remains defualt binding)
bindkey ^?                      delete-char

# Home key goes to beginning of line
bindkey ^[[214z beginning-of-line

# End key to end of line
bindkey ^[[220z end-of-line

# Ins key toggles overwrite mode
bindkey ^[[2z           overwrite-mode

# PgUp goes to previous word
bindkey ^[[216z backward-word

# PgDn goes to next word
bindkey ^[[222z forward-word

# This redefinition of up/down means that if you press up/down
# on a blank line, the arrows will work as in std setup,
# whilst of you have started writing a command, it will search for
# the next/previous match.
bindkey -k down history-search-forward
bindkey -k up history-search-backward

Question for real hackers :-)
Anyone who knows how to toggle the color of the cursor
depending on overwrite-mode status, e.g. red cursor in overwrite mode
and green cursor in insert mode?

?yvind Yrke

 Mon, 04 Dec 1995 23:28:55 GMT   
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