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 tcsh - complete command
Hello tcsh-experts,

I have just discovered the nice command "complete". When I write

                  complete vi 'n/*/f:*.{tex,ps}/'

the shell only expands files with the suffix .tex or .ps .

But I want to give a priority list of file name suffixes like
   (1) .tex
   (2) .ps
   (3)  <anything else>
with the meaning: if there is a file with the suffix .tex and another
file with the suffix .ps then take .tex . If there is no file with the
suffix .tex but some with the suffix .ps then take the one with .ps .
If there are no files with the suffix .tex or .ps then use `normal'

I have read the man page but I found no hint to solve my problem.

Any suggestions?

      Adam   (

 Sat, 06 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT   
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