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 tcsh binding of function keys

I just got the latest (5.19) version of tcsh and I have problems
binding SUN function keys.  In the following example, I want to bind
R7 to beginning-of-line:

% bind function-key-prefix M-[
% bind beginning-of-line X-214z
bad key specification -- unknown name ""

The man page says:

     If given two arguments bind binds the function (first  argu-
     ment)  to  the given key (second argument).  The key may be:
     the direct character or a caret-<letter> combination,  which
     is  converted to control-<letter>; M-<letter> for an escaped
     character; or X-<string> for a function key.  For  the  last
     of these, the function key prefix must be bound to the func-
     tion "extended-key-prefix" and the string specified  to  the
     bind  command  must not include this prefix.

Notice how it says "M-<letter>" and "X-<string>".  I understand this
to mean that the M- prefix can be followed only by a single letter but
that the X- prefix can be followed by a string.  I believe the
documentation is wrong but, anyhow, is there a workaround?

I know about .ttyswrc mapping, but I can't use that on a raw console.

Martin Boyer                  
Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Quebec    mbo...@ireq-robot.uucp
Varennes, QC, Canada   J3X 1S1
+1 514 652-8136

 Sun, 25 Apr 1993 04:55:48 GMT   
 tcsh binding of function keys
It appears to be an error in the documentation.  The clue is in the
output from bind, where the arrow keys are listed as "F-A", "F-B", etc;
they generate the sequences ^[[A, ^[B, etc.

My F9 key generates ^[[20~, so I tried:

        > bind downcase-word F-20~

This worked fine.

It seems that bind X-<?> is equivalent to bind ^X<?>; it just binds the
keystrokes prefixed by ctrl-x.

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 Tue, 27 Apr 1993 01:25:27 GMT   
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