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 bash: catch status of command before piping
In bash, we can check the variable $? to see the status of the last
command. Is there a way (besides saving to a file) to save the status
to a variable before it is overwritten? What I want to accomplish is

command1 save $? | command2 |command3

I have three commands in pipe and want to know the status of command1.
If I check $? after the entire line finishes executing, $? will reflect
the status of command3, not command1.

I would like to save the status of command1 to a variable, not a file,
and use it later in the same script. Anyway to do it? Thanks.

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 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 02:01:55 GMT   
 bash: catch status of command before piping

Check out the PIPESTATUS array variable.

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