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 PROBLEM: tcsh as login shell


I'd like to use the tcsh as my interactive shell (please, no flames ;-)
but the csh is my default shell in /etc/passwd and I cannot use `chsh'
to change this.  So, in my .cshrc file I have lines which looks like:

        source /usr/local/skel/sys.cshrc;

        if ($?prompt) then
            if ( -x /usr/local/bin/tcsh && ! $?tcsh ) then
                setenv SHELL /usr/local/bin/tcsh;
                exec /usr/local/bin/tcsh $*;

This works great because the tcsh becomes my interactive shell, but...


None of my interactive (tcsh) shells are recognized as a login shell,
so my .login and .logout files are never invoked upon logging in, and
the `logout' command will not work.  (Of course, I can still `exit'
out of the shells, but anyways, I want .logout to be invoked.)

So obviously, my problem is how, in my .cshrc (and/or maybe .login?),
to invoke a tcsh as a login shell.  (Note also that I don't want all
my tcsh to be login shells. :-)  I'd like the behavior to be as if
the tcsh were my default shell.

The tcsh manpage didn't do me any good (it doesn't even mention what
arguments the tcsh takes, let alone how to invoke the tcsh as a login
shell) and no-one locally has been able to help me out.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!!

Jonathan H. Fine

 Wed, 14 Feb 1996 01:53:15 GMT   
 PROBLEM: tcsh as login shell
In article <>, (Jonathan H. Fine) writes:

Why don't you ask the sysadmin to change your default shell for you?


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 Wed, 14 Feb 1996 08:56:19 GMT   
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