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 How do I ${watch} users logining in via a tcsh shell script
I've heard someone post this question earlier, but our news link  went down, and
I never heard a answer.

The problem:
        I'm trying to use the $watch variable to track people who loginto my machine.
        In my console Xterm, i run a tcsh, inwhich the watch variable gets set as follows:
                set watch=(1 any any)
        Unfortunately,  I get no reply from this script when new users loginto my machine.

I realize that I can use 'log' to print out all users at set intervals, but I only want to know when
new users log in.

Is there a way that the watch facility will work the same inside a tcshell, as it does in an active


 Fri, 25 Jul 1997 23:16:33 GMT   
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