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 A new Question (newbie again)
I'm trying to get a bit more organised on users working directories. So I
try to prepare a script (called org) in order to separate and organize
depending on its extension (.whatever) in their own directory. I mean all
*.jpg on a jpg folder...and so on...

Any suggestions??

Thanks again for your pacience

The command org allows move (mv) files that have an
extension to a directory with the same name. Its
syntaxis is:

org [-d dir] [-c] ext1 [ext2 ... ]

It is supposed that the current directory contents the
next files: ,, and, and the
command (executed from the current directory)

             org ps fm

would create the directories ps and fm, and would move
the files and to the directory fm, and the
files and to the directory ps.

With the option -c, org copies the files instead of
moving. With the option -d, creates the directories in
the directory especified by that option.

 Tue, 03 Jun 2003 06:52:42 GMT   
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