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 Getting info about Mounted / Auto Mount Filesystems


Does anyone know how to obtain a complete list of mounted file systems and
auto-mount filesystems for a UNIX machine?

I have tried "mount" and "(b)df" - these seem to give the most information
about mounts and auto-mounts but not all.

"more /etc/mnttab" gives all the information that I need, but it only works
on a few machines. I need a universal solution. I'm working with Sun, IBM
and HP machines.

Thanks for your time / help,


 Sun, 12 Oct 2003 18:13:16 GMT   
 Getting info about Mounted / Auto Mount Filesystems


you could try making some symbolic links,
or even better, write a script which checks, with ie. "uname -r",
where it's running and knows then what to do. Hopefully, "uname -r" or
"uname -a" will work in the same way on all your systems...:-(


Michael Heiming

 Mon, 13 Oct 2003 02:54:49 GMT   
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