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 SUMMARY: using sh vars in awk calls.
greetings all!

Ok, thanks to all who replied, and since I got a couple "me toos",
heres the deal:

        in a /bin/sh script, need to pass a regular sh variable
        to the awk call, but the proper syntax is not-readily

        given sh vars $fred, call awk using fred, like so:

        wilma=`cat $filea | awk '{if($1==fred){print("match")}}'`

        (1), escape out the sh variable by using single quotes.
 (Robert Hartman) says:

         Kenneth Herron <> agrees with a slightly
        different syntax of

        (2), the other possible way is to declare awk a variable after
        the end of the awk script (in the man pages, but I cant find it)
        like so: (David Neill-OKCy Mktg 405-278-4007) suggests

        and (Andy Behrens) explains:

I've only tried the single quote method, and it works fine.  Some of
this is supposed to be dependent on your version of awk.  dont ask,
i dont know.

Thanks for all the info!


BTW, to the dude who thought my sig was "long and obnoxious", you wouldnt
like my hair either!

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