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 quoting for prompt or xterm title in csh

I want to set prompt or xterm title to working directory in csh.
However, because the path sometimes becomes too long, I'd like to
replace my home directory with a '~'.  But the best I can do is
getting '\~' instead of '~' with the following lines in my .cshrc

  alias npwd 'set npwd=`echo $cwd | sed "s|${HOME}|\\~|"`'
  if (${TERM} == "xterm") then
    alias sp 'npwd;echo -n "^[]0;${HOST}:${USER}:$npwd ^G"'
    set prompt="{!} "
    alias sp 'npwd;set prompt="${USER}@${HOST}:$npwd{!} "'
  alias cd 'cd \!* ; sp '

Without double backslashs in front of '~', shell just replaces
home dir with home dir itself.  How can I proper quote '~' so that
I can get a clean '~' in place of my home dir?

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 Mon, 21 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT   
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