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 tar, compress, uuencode
Hello retanos!

What I propose below has maybe been done before, but I didn't have it,
so I wrote it.

Sometimes one receives files that have gone through what I wrote in
the subject.  I wanted to be able to restore these files from within
my favourite editor in one operation.  So I wrote a command that will
recreate them from standard input.  I can then apply this command to
the region of the article or letter read without leaving the current

If one or several files are given as arguments they are processed the
other way round.  That way files can be tared, compressed and
uuencoded right into the buffer.  I haven't yet figured out a neat
name for this, right now I use `wrap' and maybe `unwrap'.

#! /bin/sh

if [ "$*" = "?" ]; then
        cat <<+
usage: `basename $0` file1 file2 ...
        tars, compresses and uuencodes the files to the standard output
       `basename $0`
        uudecodes, uncompresses and detars the standard input
elif [ "$1" ]; then
        # write
        tar cf - $* | compress | uuencode tar.Z
        ( echo "begin 400 $f"; tail +2 ) | uudecode
        # extract, I own, stdin
        zcat $f | tar xof -
        rm -f $f

 Sun, 27 Feb 1994 14:27:15 GMT   
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