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 Help grabbing PID of child
Hi all!

There are probably a number of ways to solve this problem (not the
least of which is buying a watch and looking at it regularly), so feel
free to give me *any* suggestions which seem pertinent to the

I am a student here at UGA, and a SysAdmin for the Stat department.  I
have a memory like a sieve and I have to be reminded of birthdays or
special events (like class times!).  I have found David Skoll's remind
package and have pretty much gotten it to work, except for one thing:
it won't die by itself.  I can log out and it will happily continue to
remind everyone in the office of my appointments.  This, they tell me,
is annoying. :-)

I would like to know how to trap the PID of a process as it's fired off
so I can selectively kill it off later on (kill -HUP).  I don't want to
do this by hand, however, as I currently am.  It's a pain.  I could do
a ps | grep | tail |kill -1 etc etc, but that doesn't work too well.

You see, I work on a Sun 4/20 (at SunOS 4.1.1) and *usually* run Sunview.  
I also pop in and out from various vt100 terminals throughout the day.  
This complicates the matter, because if I run the kill in my .logout,
then *all* remind processes will be killed, including on the con
downstairs, and I'll be late to Geography.  On those occasions when I
don't run Sunview, I usually am not staying long enough to bother.  If
I'm on a terminal, however, then I could be logging in from the Library
between classes, so I need remind so that...

I'm running tcsh 6.00.02 on the abovementioned Sun system.  My thought
had been to somehow capture the PID of the remind proc in a file and
then kill `cat .remfile` or something like that.  In case I come in on
a vt100, it would be nice but not imperative if I could push and pop a
PID list, so that each proc killed off it's own copy of remind.

Whew!  This sure got long in a hurry.  I guess I'll end this here and
wait for someone to tell me what I forgot to mention :-)

Thanks all for your help.  email is probably the forum for this, unless
folks are really interested in catching PIDs.  I'll be summarizing
unless told not to...

David Gundlach                
System Support and Integration
UGA Statistics                          BITNET: statuga@uga
University of Georgia                   404/542-3289 or 404/542-5232

"I think, therefore I am wrong." --   me

 Sun, 06 Mar 1994 03:38:15 GMT   
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