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 which(1) in Bourne shell scripts?
Is there a version of or substitute for which(1) that can be used in
Bourne shell scripts?

It would seem to be straightforward to write a program to look for
files in a colon-separated list of directories.  And one could add a
lot of bells and whistles.  Has anyone done something like this?

Please e-mail me as I don't usually read this news group.

Stephen G. Simpson     
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 Sat, 26 Feb 1994 05:43:49 GMT   
 which(1) in Bourne shell scripts?
In article <-=2Hj$> (Stephen G Simpson) writes:

How about this shell function?

  if [ "$1" = "-a" ]
    type $2 | sed -n '/a function/s/.* is //p'
    for i in $PATH
      if [ -x $i/$2 ]
        echo $i/$2
    type $1 | sed -n '1s/.* is //p' | sed 's/hashed (//' | tr ')' ' '

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 Fri, 04 Mar 1994 17:27:57 GMT   
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