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 Tcsh in an xterm
I am experiencing the following problem.

When ever I try and run a program that accesses the tty,
like ps or mesg, or biff, I get a wierd error message,

No permissions match.  This problem has been observed only
on the xterm, and not on any ascii terminal. Please  note
that I am using an xterm and not an rcmd to run a session of
tcsh on a MIPS machine.

Has anyone ever observed this behavior?  Is there is
solution around this?

I am running Sun 4.1 , X11 R 4.  The tcsh is on a MIPS
running Risc OS 4.51.



 -- Naren

  Narendra Ra[a]vi     Email :

 -- Naren

  Narendra Ra[a]vi     Email :

 Wed, 02 Mar 1994 14:36:49 GMT   
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