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 Tcsh builtin command "complete"
Does anyone know how to use the builtin command "complete" for tcsh. Is
there any detailed information on the syntax for the command?

I am trying to write a "complete" which has three arguments for the
command in question, the second argument is dependant on the first, and
the third is dependant on both the first and second. How do I reference
the chosen completions for the previous arguments?

My current attempt which obviously doesn't work is:
complete my_cmd 'p/1/`cmd_args`/' \
               'p/2/`cmd_args FIRST_ARGUMENT`/' \
               'p/3/`cmd_args FIRST_ARG SECOND_ARG`/'

I need to know what to replace the "FIRST_ARG" and "SECOND_ARG" with?

 Sun, 13 Jul 2003 22:11:09 GMT   
 Tcsh builtin command "complete"
I have now worked this one out. The previous arguments  are referenced
using the syntax shown below
complete my_cmd 'p/1/`cmd_args`/' \
               'p/2/`cmd_args $:-1`/' \
               'p/3/`cmd_args $:-2 $:-1`/'

Obvious or not as the case may be.

Check out the following web page for tcsh info


 Mon, 14 Jul 2003 20:44:31 GMT   
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