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 Help: sh is executing scripts instead of tcsh under CDE

I'm having a very strange problem with executing shell scripts,
and I'm hoping someone can help me out...  First my environment:

Solaris 2.6, CDE
User normal has uid=100, gid=10, shell=/bin/tcsh
User troot has  uid=0, gid=0, shell=/bin/tcsh
The shell for root is /bin/sh

SAMPLE Shell script: test

#! /bin/tcsh

If user "normal" logs in to the CDE, everything is fine: tcsh executes test
If user "troot" telnets in to the host, all is well: tcsh executes test

HOWEVER, if user troot logs in to CDE, and starts up a dtterm, the dtterm
is running tcsh, as it should.  But when the test script is executed,
NOTHING happens at all.  You just get the prompt back.  If the #! line
is removed, the ps output indicates that /bin/sh is executing the script.
What's going on here?  I need to execute some scripts with csh/tcsh syntax
and they just don't function at all.

troot has a variable shell=/bin/tcsh
  and and environment variable SHELL=/bin/tcsh

I'd really appreciate a bit of wisdom from someone...

Thanks a lot!

Will E. Rose                                           
              Never trust a programmer who carries a screwdriver.

 Mon, 04 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT   
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