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 cdpath and completion
I have set some paths in my cdpath variable with a directory (ex /tmp).
I can (obviously) just type "cd bob" and get to that directory if "bob"
is directly under /tmp.

So... why can I not type $ cd b<TAB> and get it to complete with
"bob"??  It would seem like an obvious thing to do.  I have tried this
under tcsh and zsh and neither seem to do it.




Craig Jones

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 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 04:25:57 GMT   
 cdpath and completion
if you are in /tmp and using the (t)csh and the only file (remember
directories are actually files) begins with b then hitting tab will complete
the filename - in the korn shell hit escape twice. if there's more than one
file beginning with 'b' in any directory in your path then how would the
shell know which one to complete?



 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 14:04:24 GMT   
 cdpath and completion
Ok, now let's assume I am in /home/frank and type "$ cd  bo<tab>" I
would like it to complete with "bob" and when I hit return I will end up
in /tmp/bob.  Obviously if I just type in "$ cd bob" then I will get to
/tmp/bob (if cdpath is set up correctly).

So the real question is, why does file name completion (at least for cd)
not look in the "cdpath" directories as well??


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Craig Jones

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 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 08:39:25 GMT   
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