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 newer KSH-Version ??

i'm working here on a hp850 with the ksh-version 06/03/86a.
Now i'm looking for a newer version of the excelent shell.
How can i get such newer version?



Volker Dobler,  Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH), Germany

         or  u...@dkauni2.bitnet

 Sun, 06 Mar 1994 17:25:34 GMT   
 newer KSH-Version ??

The latest is 88f and is available from the AT&T Toolchest.  Their
BBS is at (201)522-6900 (A USA Number).  Have Dollars/Marks handy.

Joe Wasik, Pac*Bell, 2600 Camino Ramon, Rm 4E750V, San Ramon, CA (510)823-2422
email: jcwa...@clib.PacBell.COM or [...]!pacbell!clib!jcwasik

 Tue, 08 Mar 1994 01:21:11 GMT   
 newer KSH-Version ??

a b c d e or f ?

Larry Cipriani, att!cbvox1!lvc or
"I just love the smell of gunpowder." -- Bugs Bunny

 Tue, 15 Mar 1994 03:39:17 GMT   
 newer KSH-Version ??

    Starting with the 8.0 release of HP-UX, /bin/ksh is ksh88.

Peter McLain                                          Hewlett-Packard
                                                      3404 East Harmony Road
pbm%hpf...@hplabs.HP.COM                              Fort Collins
UUCP: hplabs!hpfcla!pbm                               CO          80525-9599

 Sat, 12 Mar 1994 22:21:53 GMT   
 newer KSH-Version ??
    b, with a lot of fixes from c and d put in, plus a bunch of HP-UX


 Wed, 16 Mar 1994 04:11:42 GMT   
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