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 add control characters using sed with escape sequences?
Ok, I've managed to pull out most of the hair on my head over this

I want to do the opposite to what most people seem to be asking.  I
have an ascii text file on my unix server and I wish to add Ctrl-M
(^M) characters to the end of each line in the file.  There are no ^M
characters in the file presently.

I can do this rather easily using the following sed command,

  sed -e 's/$/^M/' infile > outfile

where ^M is entered as a control character using Ctrl-V + Ctrl-M.

However, what I need to do is create a script that does not contain
the control character ^M in the sed command.  I would like to use an
escape sequence for the ^M character so that my script does not
contain any control characters.

Is that possible using sed?  I have seen many posts that mention it is
hard to use escape sequences in sed.

An option might be to use the translate command "tr" however I have
had no luck using this command.



 Sat, 29 Jan 2005 13:32:10 GMT   
 add control characters using sed with escape sequences?

I dont think so. You can use a scriptfile if you want avoid
control-characters on the command line (ie, sed -f <script-file> )

I think that "unix2dos" is doing what you want.

        bash$ echo "A string" > testfile

        bash$ od -c testfile
        0000000   A       s   t   r   i   n   g  \n

        bash$ unix2dos testfile
        unix2dos: converting file testfile to DOS format ...

        bash$ od -c testfile
        0000000   A       s   t   r   i   n   g  \r  \n

        bash$ echo -n "^M" >>testfile

        bash$ od -c testfile
        0000000   A       s   t   r   i   n   g  \r  \n  \r


 Sat, 29 Jan 2005 17:14:52 GMT   
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